EQAS Registration
(Under the aegis of ACBI)
 Dear Sir/Madam,
       We are pleased to inform that the CMC EQAS is accredited by the NABL under ISO/IEC 17043:2010, for the PT providers for the Chemistry,Thyroid& Cortisol, HbA1c and Reproductive hormone programs.

       The new cycle of External Quality Assurance Scheme [EQAS] will begin in January 2017. The scheme provides twelve lyophilized human sera / whole blood samples in batches of four, once every four months. The results should be entered into the EQAS web site. The laboratory's performance will be evaluated in terms of statistical parameters recommended by WHO.

        An online feedback form for the 2016 cycle will be posted on the website by January 1st and the participants are requested to fill it up and update the same before 15th January 2017. This is mandatory for those labs who have participated in the 2016 cycle
1. Chemistry program I (QCH I) Registration Fee Rs - 5000/-
   1.  Glucose 6.  Albumin 11.  Triglyceride 16.  Bicarbonate 21.  CK - Total
   2.  Urea 7.  Calcium 12.  HDLc 17.  SGOT (AST) 22.  Iron
   3.  Creatinine 8.  Phosphorus 13.  Sodium 18.  SGPT (ALT) 23.  Magnesium
   4.  Total Bilirubin 9.  UricAcid 14.  Potassium 19.  ALP  
   5.  Total Protein 10.  Cholesterol 15.  Chloride 20.  Amylase  
2. Chemistry program II (QCH II)  Registration Fee Rs - 2000/-
   1.  Glucose 3.  Creatinine 5.  Total Protein 7.  Cholesterol 9.  UricAcid
   2.  Urea 4.  Total Bilirubin 6.  Albumin 8.  Triglyceride
3.  Thyroid Hormones & Cortisol (QT&C)  Registration Fee Rs - 2500/-
   1.  Total Thyroxin 2.  Free Thyroxin 3.  TSH 4.  Total T3 5.  Cortisol
4.  HbA1c (not suitable for Nycocard method) (QGHB)  Registration Fee Rs - 1500/-
5.  Reproductive Hormones (QRPH)  Registration Fee Rs - 2500/-
   1.  LH 2.  FSH 3.  Prolactin 4.  Testosterone 5.  Beta HCG
   6.  Estradiol 7.  Progesterone      
6.  Biochemical Markers for Down’s Screening (QDS)  Registration Fee Rs - 1500/-
   1.  Alpha Fetoproteinn 2.  Free beta HCG 3.  PAPPA
7.  Urine Chemistry (QUC)  Registration Fee Rs - 1500/-
   1.  Urea     2.  Creatinine 3.  Calcium 4.  Phosphorus 5.  Uric Acid
   6.  Sodium 7.  Potassium 8.  Microalbumin    
       CMC does not certify or accredit any laboratory’s performance. So it is unethical to mention that the laboratory is certified by CMC.
      *  Each cycle is from January-December. Labs are allowed to register anytime during the cycle paying full registration which will be valid only till the end of the cycle.
      *  Laboratories who wish to make an online payment should also fill up the registration/renewal form and sent it to us
      *  Participation certificate will be issued after the completion of the cycle, to labs that have sent results for at least 6 months in that cycle.
      *  The certificate will not be issued in individual’s name, but only in the name of the laboratory.
      *  As soon as you receive the sample pack, check for breakage. If any sample is broken, inform us within 3 days of receipt. Replacement of sample will not be made after that.
      *  Please update the results before 20th of every month the due date. Results sent through e mail attachments or post will not be accepted.
      *  Correspondence or queries with out the lab number will not be attended.
      *  Do not share or discuss the results with other participants before updating, to prevent collusion of results.
      *  If any lab wants to withdraw from the scheme, it should be given in writing and the hard copy should be sent by post. E mail intimation will not be considered for cancellation. Partial refunding will be made based on the number of samples already sent. No cancellation or refunding is possible after the month of May.
Registration :
    ‘EQAS registration’ at home page allows both new registration and renewals.
    The newly registered laboratory will be given a lab number and password along with the first set of samples with which the lab can login.
Renewal of membership :
   Mention the lab number and address on the form as well as on the back side of the DD, otherwise it will be considered as a new registration. The registration fee details are given in the registration/renewal form.                  
      Please arrange to send the DD as soon as you draw it, since it is valid only for 3 months.

   Online Transfer of money is also available. Whenever this option is accessed, make a mention of it in the ‘Accounts detail’ page too. Choose ‘Registration details for the year 2017’ and make an entry there too. This is essential to trace your money transaction.
  The information needed about our institution for your remittance purposes, is given on the side link ‘Details for Online remittance’. While providing information at/to the bank  in the column ‘sender to receiver information’ mention,

       1.  Lab number & lab name
       2.  Scheme CMC EQAS
       3.  A/C 22Q010
   Forms with insufficient information cannot be registered.

   Laboratories remitting money through ONLINE should also fill up the Registration /renewal form and sent it to us
Our e-mailID    :   clinqc@cmcvellore.ac.in
Our website ID :   http://home.cmcvellore.ac.in/clinqc
Telephone No  :   0416-2283102


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Details for Online Remittance
1) We want to renew our participation    Our User ID is ……………
2) Our Lab wants to join in the EQAS as a new member 
3) Rejoining after a break.
        Old User ID …………… 
           We want to participate in       Chemistry I  (QCH I-Rs.5000/-) (OR)    Chemistry II (QCH II -Rs.2000/-)
                                                           Thyroid Hormones & Cortisol (QT&C-Rs.2500/-)
                                                           Reproductive Hormones (QRPH-Rs.2500/-)
                                                           HbA1c (QGHB-Rs.1500/-) [not suitable for Nycocard method]
                                                           Markers for Down's Screening (QDS-Rs.1500/-)
                                                           Urine Chemistry (QUC-Rs.1500/-)
       Herewith enclosing a demand draft bearing No………………  dt…………….. for  Rs. ………
       We have made the online money transfer and the details are ………………………
     Demand Draft made in favour of ‘THE TREASURER, CHRISTIAN MEDICAL COLLEGE, VELLORE-4’
          * Name and address: ____________________________ 
          * Pin Code:                    ____________________________ 
          * Phone Number:         ____________________________ 
          * E-Mail ID:                    ____________________________
            Mobile No:                   ____________________________
    Sign :
       Kindly fill the registration / renewal form and send it along with demand draft to The Coordinator, CMC EQAS, Department of Clinical Biochemistry,Christian Medical College, Vellore -632 004.
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