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      The Department of Clinical Biochemistry offers diagnostic support to the physicians of our hospital to provide a good clinical service. The laboratory has been accredited by the NABL under ISO/IEC 15189. The development over the years has made it possible to handle over 6500 samples per day and well over 20,000 tests per day.

      All the automated instruments are linked to the Hospital LAN allowing on-line transfer of results. Sample collection in vacutainers, transporting through the pneumatic system and bar-coding the samples have reduced manual errors and has facilitated in decreasing the turnaround time of results tremendously. At present we do nearly 170 different tests. Various commercial assayed QC and internal QC prepared in house have been included in the assays ensuring good quality results. Some of the mile stones of the department are:

      Early 70's Introduction of Continuous Flow Analyser for the first time in India (single/double channel)

      1975 - Introduction of in-house radioimmunoassay (RIA) for thyroxin.

1978 – Introduction of ACBI-CMC EQAS for the Indian laboratories

      Mid 80's to mid-90's newer versions of Discrete Selective Analyser, were added and RIAs for various other hormones

      1984 - Trace metal measurements by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.

      1986 - Introduction of blood gas analysers

      1990 - Introduction of Ion-Selective Electrode system for electrolyte measurement

      1993 - Introduction automated Enzyme Immuno Assay (EIA)

      1994 - Introduction of drug assay using EMIT technique.

      1997 - Hormone assays by Chemiluminescence system.

      2002 - Hand book of Biochemistry lab services was released. The department was accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and calibration Laboratories.

      2004 - Launching of the CMC EQAS website for the online transfer of results and reports.

      2006 - Pneumatic system for the transport of samples from the wards and OPD to the various labs.

      2008 - Introduction of the lyophilysed QC with 23 parameters.

      2011 - Introduction of ICP-MS for analysing trace elements

      2013 - Purchase of a second lyophilyser and the new facility to house the same.

      2014 - Accreditation of the CMC EQAS by NABL under ISO/IEC 17043:2010, Introduction of automated pre analytical solution

      2018 - LCMS for Steriods.

      2019 - HPLC for Vitamins.

      The Department is involved in teaching the following courses: M.D. Biochemistry, M.D. Pathology, Diploma in Clinical Pathology and B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology. The department also involves in active research.

      Short term visitor observer course is available for lab personnel from Mission Hospitals and Government Hospitals.
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